Organic Raspberry Leaf


100% Organic Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tisane Loose Leaf Tea

Caffeine Free

Certified Organic

Sustainable packaging

Certified Organic Raspberry Leaf Loose Leaf Tea. Originates from the same plant as raspberries, but do not expect the loose leaf tea to taste like raspberries! Instead, it has a flavour all of it’s own; unique, earthy, slightly sweet and herby. When steeped, great on it’s own or with a squeeze of lemon, add honey, agave or sugar to taste. Organic Raspberry Leaf Loose Leaf Tea known to support wellbeing. Naturally caffeine free.

How to serve

Simple to make,

boil kettle, add 2g (1tspn) to teapot or infuser, steep 2-3 mins or longer depending on strength you prefer, strain, enjoy.

Add squeeze of lemon, honey, agave or sugar to taste.


How to store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.


Why Teabury

Our very own unique blends

Certified Organic

Caffeine free

No artificial flavours

Hand blended in small batches

Sustainable packaging





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