About us

Why Is Teabury So Special

We at Teabury love the simple things in life.
We are a small innovative independent company but we have a big heart for everything organic and good quality. We do a lot of things differently than your traditional tea manufacturer. A lot of thought and care goes into everything we do from choosing the right Certified Organic loose leaf tea and Certified Organic ingredients, to creating and sourcing the right tea accessories and tea gifts. We want you to enjoy everything Teabury. It’s not just a shopping experience; we aim to make this an online virtual tea shop for you to visit again and again. You will trust and enjoy Teabury, we aim to make it simple and an easy experience.

Our motto: ‘Keep it simple’

Teabury organic loose leaf tea, tisane or herbal tea. No artificial flavours

We love tea but not the kind that has artificial ingredients added to enhance flavours. Our teas are Certified Organic loose leaf tea with Certified Organic ingredients for a natural taste sensation. We love nature and all its beauty, colours, smells, tastes and goodness. We ask the question ‘Why flavour something artificially when there is so much natural beauty and goodness around?’

We do not use oils to flavour our teas, if oil is present then this is because we found no organic natural alternative to bring you the full taste of the tea you desire and we will make this clear on the tea you buy.

We are not a mass producer. We only blend teas in small batches to maximise the flavour intensity of the organic ingredients added. We blend our loose leaf tea with care and love. We care about what you drink. Happiness certainly is tea in a cup!

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