Green Tea

Loose leaf green tea, originally from China but now grown in countries of Asia, has over 1500 varieties. There are lots of benefits of green tea. Loose green tea is known to be calming, relaxing and reviving. It is also a great pick-me-up, some even say it’s the new coffee. The tea leaves are picked when young and only the bud and one or two leaves are picked. Depending on the tea the leaves are dried and then steamed or pan fried to stop the oxidation process to keep the green colour.

There are many poetic names to green tea. Here at Teabury why not try Organic Pearly loose green tea, which is gunpowder loose leaf green tea. These green tea leaves are rolled in to little balls resembling pellets. But to us they look like little pearls.

Another most popular drink is Earl Grey normally a black tea made up of black tea leaves. At Teabury we also have Earl Grey green tea which has been blended with subtle organic flavours. The Organic Rosy Lemon Earl Grey is a blend of organic loose green Earl Grey with organic lemon balm, organic lemon grass, organic lemon verbena and organic rose petals. This produces a light sweet taste compared to our Organic Rosy Lemon Earl Grey black loose leaf tea which you can buy from the Black Tea category of Teabury’s online tea store.