White Tea

White tea known as the ‘elixir of good health’ or ‘nature’s true gift’.

Loose white tea not as popular as loose black tea or loose green tea and  considered to be a rarity in some cases. Loose leaf white tea is the closest to the natural state of the tea leaf. It contains less caffeine and is less processed compared to black tea and green tea. The flavour is very complex yet incredibly subtle and sweet. Loose leaf white tea is a truly delicate drink. A great alternative to green tea.

Organic Dry Tea, is white tea in it’s simplest form; has a clear, light colour and a subtle yet slight sweet taste when steeped. ‘Dry Tea’ named after the original naming of dry gin. Originally gin was clear and unsweetened and flavoured only with subtle aromatic flavours. Simple yet delicious. Of course there is no alcohol in Organic Dry Tea!

White tea is delicately blended with subtle flavours to make two of our favourites; Organic Ginger Banana Split and Organic Ginger White With a Kick. Truly delicious without over powering the delicate notes of white tea.