The Teabury cute double walled heart shaped glass cup shares a little secret. Simply pour the tea in to the cup and watch it become a heart. This is a great gift to tell someone you love them or to just brighten up your day. Made from Borosilicate glass means it is heat resistant. Like we say, tea is blended with love.  

Do you want Loose Leaf Tea On The Go? We live very busy lives and sometimes just cannot find the loose leaf tea we really love to drink. The Teabury Travel Glass Tea Infuser Flask is designed so that loose leaf tea can be enjoyed on the go. To use it, you simply add your loose leaf tea in the tea infuser, pour the water over the loose tea leaves, close the lid tightly. Now, this is the best bit, to steep the loose tea just turn the travel flask upside down and watch the loose tea steep. Once steeped, turn the travel flask the right way up, remove the lid and carefully remove the tea infuser. You can drink straight from the travel flask. Loose leaf tea on the go!

Added bonus, when drinking loose leaf tea it is often the third steep that is the most delicious. You can use the same loose tea in the tea infuser again and again for multiple steeps. Whenever you want your second or third cup of loose tea simply use the same tea leaves and steep some more by turning the closed flask upside down. Anyone for a free cup of tea?

The travel flask is made from Borosilicate glass, which means it is heat resistant.