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Travel Glass Tea Infuser Flask


The Travel Glass Tea Infuser Flask is made from double walled Borosilicate glass means it is heat resistant. It has a tight fitting lid and a tea infuser.

Capacity  250ml
Dimensions  18cm H x 6.5cm W

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Contemporary style Travel Glass Tea Infuser Flask. Double walled glass and made from Borosilicate glass means the travel flask is heat resistant and an ideal gift for those that want loose tea on the go. The travel flask has a loose tea infuser and allows for steeping loose leaf tea easy when you are out and about. The tea infuser also allows for multiple steeps.

How to use the Travel Glass Tea Infuser Flask

  1. Put the kettle on.
  2. Unscrew the top of the tea infuser flask.
  3. Measure the right amount of loose leaf tea and place it in the tea infuser.
  4. Poor hot water on the loose leaf tea – be careful to poor it gradually allowing the loose tea to steep. Make sure the level of water reaches just below the tea infuser.
  5. Close the lid tightly.
  6. Now turn your travel tea infuser flask upside down. This allows extra steeps of your loose leaf tea.
  7. Making sure the tea infuser flask is the right way up, unscrew the lid and carefully remove the tea infuser using the handle. Please do take extra care the tea infuser may be hot. Careful tip! We use a wooden clothes peg or a tea cloth for this bit unless you have asbestos fingers!
  8. Your loose leaf tea is ready to drink straight from the tea infuser flask.
  9. Should you want a second cup, just reuse the same leaves in the tea infuser, and follow steps 4 to 8 as shown above, again.
  10. Remember, you can steep the same loose leaf tea as many times as long as the tea tastes delicious for you. At Teabury we believe it’s the third steep that provides the best tasting tea.
  11. Enjoy!



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