Smaller Accessories

We love tea and we love drinking lots of it. The best type of tea to drink for us is loose leaf tea. We understand that sometimes it is simply not suitable to steep loose leaf tea and have the time to clean the loose tea leaves afterwards. This is why we offer the Teabury Self-Filled Teabag. The Teabury large sized self-fill teabag is made from filter paper, unbleached, chlorine free and biodegradable. Being of a larger size means the loose leaf tea has plenty of room to expand. The hot water is able to move freely amongst the loose tea allowing the release of the full tea flavour every time you steep. The teabags are made from filter paper as opposed to nylon teabags means the tea starts to steep straight away. The self-fill teabag is biodegradable.

These self-fill teabags are also very handy to have when you want your own special blend of loose tea whilst you are out and about or at work. Simply fill the teabag with your very own favourite blend and take it to work with you.

There is an added bonus when drinking loose leaf tea. It is often the third steep that is the most delicious. You can use the self-fill teabag filled with your loose leaf tea again and again for multiple steeps. Whenever you want your second or third cup of loose tea simply use the same teabag and steep it again. Just allow the teabag to dry before each steep. Anyone for a free cup of tea?

For that perfect cup of loose leaf tea just use the Teabury Tea Spoon to measure the perfect amount of loose leaf tea. This tea spoon holds enough loose tea leaves to make your perfect cup of tea.