Rock Sugar

German Rock Sugar crystals add a little sweetness to your cup of tea. These gorgeous small pieces of sugar crystals are a tastier alternative to your traditional sugar. German Rock Sugar crystals are naturally unrefined, unprocessed sugar that are made from beets and not from sugar cane, an all-natural sweetener. These small gorgeous amber sugar crystals are the best way to naturally enhance the sweetness of your loose leaf tea without changing the flavour of the tea. German Rock Sugar crystals can be used to sweeten any type of loose leaf tea be it; black, green, white or red loose leaf tea.

To use German Rock Sugar crystals depends on how sweet you would like your loose tea. Just simply take a pinch of the beautiful amber sugar crystals and drop them in to your loose leaf tea while it steeps. The sugar rock crystals will dissolve in the hot tea sweetening it without changing the flavour of the loose leaf tea. For more sweetness just simply add another pinch.

German Rock Sugar crystals are unbelievably tasty that they are also good enough to eat on their own. Just try leaving a bowl full of German Rock Sugar crystals out on your kitchen table and they will soon disappear! At Teabury you can buy a 100g box of German Rock Sugar.