Teabury Certified Organic Teas by The Soil Association

Teabury Certified Organic Teas by The Soil Association

Teabury Certified Organic Teas by The Soil Association

Certified Organic Tea is at the heart of Teabury because we believe we can live a healthy life in balance with nature.  We like to keep things simple. Teabury Organic Teas are blended with natural ingredients, no artificial flavours are used, just as nature intended. Our teas are produced without chemicals.


Why we believe in Organic teas?

Organic teas is important to Teabury, in that nature is respected. Organic farming is void of harmful chemicals such as; pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. This makes for a healthier option than the conventional non-organic grown teas. Organic farming is also better for the environment, maintaining healthy soils, ecosystem and people. Organic also supports sustainability and good for the planet.


Is drinking Organic teas better for us?

Yes, we believe it is. Organic teas contains more antioxidants, making it excellent for our health. Antioxidants have many benefits such as; boost our immune system, reduce risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, plus aids in fighting other diseases. In addition, great for the skin’s natural glow. Antioxidants benefit us inside and out.


Does Organic tea taste better for us?

Yes, we believe it does. Organic teas have higher quality leaves which result in a smoother and tastier tea with greater flavour.

Why not try a new English Breakfast tea, Teabury’s Organic North English Breakfast here


Why we chose The Soil Association?

Like Teabury, The Soils Association believes in building the same natural solutions together. Organic teas produced without chemicals, supporting a natural and heathy soils, ecosystem and people.


Who is The Soil Association?

The Soil Association is a worldwide recognised professional body that supports Organic in every way. Just a short extract from it’s website…

‘We support everyone to grow – whether that’s growing food, or by growing as people, developing healthy connections with nature and joining together with others to support a nature-friendly future.

Working together with farmers, businesses, policymakers and fellow citizens, our work has made an impact on the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the environment you live in.

Throughout our history, we’ve campaigned for change on a global scale. We’ve supported farming innovation. We’ve developed world-leading standards in order to protect the future health of our communities, animals, plants and environment.

We do this because we know we can make a world of difference.’

For further reading please visit the website



Why Teabury also has the EU logo on it’s packaging?

Teabury sells in the EU and being 100% organic tea, you will find that Teabury packaging includes the green EU logo. The logo is compulsory and must be displayed, this maintains trust in organic foods and supports authorities.

For further reading please visit the following site



Teabury logo


Organic Soil Association


EU logo


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