Special Care Gift for NHS Workers and School Teachers

Special Care Gift for NHS Workers and School Teachers

Thank You NHS and School Teachers

We are offering a ‘restful’ night’s sleep to all NHS workers and School Teachers who have worked endlessly throughout these testing times. This is a great way to say ‘Thank You’ during this Christmas period. A Special Care Gift.

We will hand fill each individual Teabury Unbleached Self-Fill paper teabag with our very own hand blended Teabury Organic Good Night! Sleep Tight! Loose Leaf Tea – for this great REDUCED PRICE GIFT only. This offer ends 5th January 2022.

For further details – please email info@teabury.com with the following information;

  • Your full name
  • How many colleagues (1 teabag per team member for that ‘restful’ sleep they so deserve)
  • Your organisation and department – full postal address
  • Your direct telephone number



We are very pleased to say, Organic Good Night! Sleep Tight! teabags have already been sent to;


Staff at Moreton Cross GP Practice, Wirral, Merseyside



‘Just got into work and received the wonderful tea bags and lovely card x x we are beyond thrilled x x Thank you x x’


Staff at The Royal Free Hospital, London



‘I want to say a huge thanks from all the team at the Royal Free ICU for your lovely and kind donation.

I can report several have enjoyed the benefit with one noting a full 6 hours sleep. They all have loved it…’


Organic Good Night! Sleep Tight!

Ingredients: chamomile, lavender, rose petals, lemon verbena

Loose leaf herbal tea. Caffeine free.

How to use

  1. Steep teabag for 2/3 minutes in hot water, drink an hour before bed for a restful sleep.

       Optional: Add honey or sugar to taste. 

  1. Steep again! Being a herbal tea you can steep the same teabag 3-4 times for multiple cups of tea.
  1. We believe in sustainability, the teabag is biodegradable!