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Teabury - Loose Herbal Tea

Organic Total Calm and feelings of restlessness

Total Calm to help my feelings of restlessness

I was feeling a little restless until I had my cup of Organic Total Calm, chamomile tea.

Chamomile has many benefits including reducing anxiety and helping with sleep. It is caffeine free, has a natural sweet taste. Sometimes I prefer it with a spoonful of honey to add that extra sweetness, simply delicious, a lovely pick-me-up.

At Teabury we hand blend all our teas in small batches only so that flavours remain fresh in every cup. Each tea is hand packed and sealed in Buckinghamshire, England. We use sustainable packaging.

For Organic Total Calm click HERE

Teabury - Loose Herbal Tea

Special Care Gift for NHS Workers and School Teachers

Thank You NHS and School Teachers

We are offering a ‘restful’ night’s sleep to all NHS workers and School Teachers who have worked endlessly throughout these testing times. This is a great way to say ‘Thank You’ during this Christmas period. A Special Care Gift.

We will hand fill each individual Teabury Unbleached Self-Fill paper teabag with our very own hand blended Teabury Organic Good Night! Sleep Tight! Loose Leaf Tea – for this great REDUCED PRICE GIFT only. This offer ends 5th January 2022.

For further details – please email with the following information;

  • Your full name
  • How many colleagues (1 teabag per team member for that ‘restful’ sleep they so deserve)
  • Your organisation and department – full postal address
  • Your direct telephone number



We are very pleased to say, Organic Good Night! Sleep Tight! teabags have already been sent to;


Staff at Moreton Cross GP Practice, Wirral, Merseyside


‘Just got into work and received the wonderful tea bags and lovely card x x we are beyond thrilled x x Thank you x x’


Staff at The Royal Free Hospital, London


‘I want to say a huge thanks from all the team at the Royal Free ICU for your lovely and kind donation.

I can report several have enjoyed the benefit with one noting a full 6 hours sleep. They all have loved it…’


Organic Good Night! Sleep Tight!

Ingredients: chamomile, lavender, rose petals, lemon verbena

Loose leaf herbal tea. Caffeine free.

How to use

  1. Steep teabag for 2/3 minutes in hot water, drink an hour before bed for a restful sleep.

       Optional: Add honey or sugar to taste. 

  1. Steep again! Being a herbal tea you can steep the same teabag 3-4 times for multiple cups of tea.
  1. We believe in sustainability, the teabag is biodegradable!






Easy Tips to Keep Fine Bone China Looking Super New!

It has always been said the best way to drink tea is from Fine Bone China or Glass. At Teabury we have both!


Our Fine bone china comes in two designs;

The White Diamond Collection

The Black Diamond Collection

This is Teabury’s very own design; black and white mugs or teapots with the addition of a little red heart to make these lovely pieces just ideal gifts for your friends and family … And also for yourself. One of our lovely customers recently brought these mugs for friends only to come back to buy some more for herself.

We are often asked, how to keep fine bone china super clean?

1) Our Mugs and Teapots are dishwasher proof

2) If you prefer to hand wash, just use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Don’t use an abrasive pad (such as a scouring pad), as this will scratch and dull the china.

3) Use warm water only; very hot water and sudden temperature changes can cause fine bone china to crack.

4) Have you ever tried lemon? Our favourite tip:

Add a segment of fresh lemon and cold water to your fine bone china and leave either for a few hours or overnight. You will be simply amazed – this removes all stains as if by magic!


Our glassware is double walled and made from borosilicate glass, making it heat resistant, keeping your tea hot or cold longer. We have two glass items;

  1. Heart Shaped Cup

Drink tea with love every time with this heart shaped cup. Large size 240ml and comes with it’s presentation white box, making it an ideal present.

  1. Travel Glass Tea Infuser Flask

You can drink loose leaf tea on the go with Teabury’s Travel Glass Tea Infuser Flask. Using the separate strainer, just add Teabury Organic Loose Leaf Tea, add hot water, close the top and turn the flask upside-down to steep your tea. When ready, you can drink straight from the flask. It’s that Simple!

Teabury - Black Tea Heart Teabury - Black Tea Flask

Teabury at Wallingford Local Producers Market

Teabury at Wallingford Local Producers Market

Teabury was very proud to be part of our first outdoor market since lockdown has eased due to COVID 19. We joined the lovely marketeers of Wallingford Local Producers on Saturday 22nd August 2020. Originally (pre lockdown) the market took place weekly at St. Mary’s Church. Since lockdown has eased, to respect social distancing, the market is now outside at Centre 70, the old school building on Kinecroft.


I was really excited to book a stall for Saturday and arrived early to set up ready for opening 10am. I was not really expecting many customers thinking the lockdown has scared everyone away from venturing out. However, as the market opened, the customers came. It was so lovely to see some regular shoppers that I hadn’t seen since before lockdown times. Everyone was so pleased to be out and shopping again.


The market is a great way to not only shop for unique items but it’s also a great social activity. Catching up with people outside of my family, and hearing mirroring stories of lockdown struggles was interesting and reassuring. Also, being able to help families restock their very depleted good quality loose leaf tea supplies was well received. It was lovely to hear people genuinely missing drinking our Organic loose leaf tea. In only 2 hours, we had just over 150 customers to the market, a small attendance compared to the previous week, I was told!!


For Teabury this was a real success. I love this market, it’s warm welcoming atmosphere, it’s truly lovely customers, the beautiful surroundings and most of all the kind, generous marketeers who help set-up and run the market each week. Without any of this, it would not be a success. Teabury will be supporting the market monthly and can’t wait for the next Saturday to pitch up once more. So, if you would like to meet some friendly, genuinely kind people please pop by to Wallingford Local Producers Market. Teabury will be there every first Saturday of the month.

We look forward to seeing you then. Happy sipping!



Wallingford Local Producers Market




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Teabury Teas and Accessories

Organic Loose Leaf Tea is healthy, just as nature intended

There are many health benefits to loose leaf tea and as the famous saying goes ‘you are what you drink’ or is it ‘eat’?! Anyway, whatever goes in your body should be good and healthy, right?

Healthy     White tea is known as the ‘elixir of good health’ or ‘nature’s true gift’. It goes through less processes than black tea and green tea. It contains less caffeine than black tea.
Healthy     There are tons of anti-oxidants in tea; the molecules that slow down ageing, keep you looking fresh and feeling great.
Healthy     Tea is a great alternative to a calorie-free drink. All the gorgeous flavours are simply in the loose leaf tea and you         don’t need to add much to give it extra calories.
Healthy     Tea helps lift the mood, or can solve a tricky problem! Remember the last time you needed cheering up or faced a brick wall when solving a problem? How to solve it?  Firstly, we put the kettle on…! J
Healthy     A healthy option for children. Tisanes are caffeine free and comprise of 95% water. Natural sweeteners like ‘stevia’/or honey can be used for sweetness. This is a healthy and delicious alternative to fizzy drinks.
Healthy     All Teabury loose leaf teas and tisanes or herbal teas are made from Certified Organic ingredients without any artificial flavourings. All ingredients are naturally sourced, just as nature intended. If oil is present then this is because we found no organic natural alternative to bring you the full taste of the tea you desire and we will make this very clear on the tea.

Loose White Tea - Teabury

Buy Loose Tea Online - Teabury

At Teabury There is Only Good Quality Organic Loose Leaf Tea

With top quality loose leaf tea you get free cups of good tasting tea that gets better with each steep or infusion. We at Teabury believe in good quality.

When drinking loose leaf tea don’t lose out to quality.
Quality      We only believe in good quality Certified Organic loose tea and good quality Certified Organic ingredients.
Quality      We source only the best Certified Organic loose tea.
Quality      We source only the best Certified Organic ingredients to flavour our loose tea and tisane or herbal tea.
Quality      We blend on-site in small batches with a lot of care and love. Small batches means you get the full flavour in every cup. We do not mass produce.
Quality      We add quality to every customer experience because, like you, we care about what you drink.

Teabury - Earl Grey Tea

Multiple Steeps With Good Quality Organic Loose Tea

Teabury 1-2-3 STEEPS

Loose leaf tea is one of the most simplest of drinks you can have. Which other drink allows you to create multiple drinks from one serving?

Well did you know, a top quality loose leaf tea can be steeped or infused not once, not twice but up to three times? Some top quality loose leaf tea can be steeped even more than three times. With each steep you get a different and often deeper flavour.  It’s in fact the third steep that will truly give you the best cup of tea.

There’s a Chinese saying;

the first cup is most fragrant
the second sweetest
and the third strongest.

So simply put, you pay for the first cup and get the second and third cups absolutely free. It can’t get any better than this, so give it a go. Try our Tea Selection boxes which contain the unique 1-2-3 STEEPS selection.

Each Tea Selection box has three different organic loose leaf tea for you to try. There are two unique 1-2-3 STEEPS sachets for each tea type. You also get six large size biodegradable, chlorine free paper self fill tea bags. This is a great little selection box to either use at home, use when you are away or to simply buy as a little gift for that someone special.

Anyone for a free cup of tea?
How to serve multiple steeps of loose leaf tea:
Steep it once   – Boil kettle, add 1tspn, steep 2-3mins, enjoy.
Steep it twice  – Boil kettle, add to same leaves, steep, enjoy.
Steep it thrice – Boil kettle, add to same leaves, steep.
Aaaarh!  Simply the best cup of the day!

Add milk and sugar to taste. Just let the loose leaf tea dry before each steep.

How can a simple drink like tea be so complicating?

Are you totally overwhelmed with the variety of tea available? Are you confused in what tea to try, how to make it and when to drink it?

Our motto ‘Keep it Simple’ and we’ll do just that to help you understand the different tea varieties.
Simple       All tea come from the same plant. Camellia Sinensis, to give it its latin name. It is how it’s grown, harvested and crafted that produces the different tea types.
Simple       There are seven types of tea – white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, pu’er tea, infused or flavoured, tisane or herbal tea.
Simple       Any blend containing just fruit or flower is called a Tisane, which is not a tea, because no leaves from the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis is used. We sometimes call tisane a herbal tea. The tisane or herbal tea does not contain caffeine.
Simple       Tea blended with another tea or flavours of fruit or dried herbs is called an infused tea or an infusion..
Simple       Rooibos tea or redbush tea or red tea comes from the shrub Aspalathus Linearis, which is found in South Africa. Redbush tea does not contain caffeine.

Simple       Blooming or flowering teas are Chinese Artistic Teas traditionally hand made by wrapping tea leaves round a flower. Mostly, flowering teas are made from green loose leaf tea. However some are also made from loose black tea, loose oolong tea, loose green tea and loose white tea leaves. The most commonly used flowers are globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, jasmine, lily, marigold and carnation.

At Teabury just follow our simple colour code as shown on each package label. BLACK label for organic loose black teaGREEN label for organic loose green teaWHITE label for organic loose white tea, RED label for organic loose redbush tea and ORANGE label for organic loose tisane also known as loose herbal tea.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that!


Teabury - Designer Tea Pot

When coffee is really tea?

Please don’t get us wrong we also love a cup of real fresh coffee (well, at least once a day anyway!) but there has been more times in the day we actually choose to drink loose tea. In the UK over 165 million cups of tea are being drunk every day. That compares with 70 million cups of coffee. Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world after water.

How so…?
We’ve all used the phrase ‘let’s meet for coffee’ but when we get there we order tea! That’s when coffee is really tea.
When a loved one needs cheering up and we put the kettle on…and brew a pot of tea. That’s when coffee is really tea.
When you sit in a coffee house and look around you’ll notice that over half of the other customers, like yourself, are actually drinking tea! That’s when coffee is really tea.
When you simply start your coffee maker to make a cup of coffee to only realise after that it was tea you really wanted. That’s when coffee is really tea.

So go on put the kettle on … Home is where the Tea is!


Teabags for Loose Tea - Teabury

Why choose loose leaf tea over tea bags?

Simply put, loose leaf tea and traditional tea bags are different in many ways. Tea leaves used in traditional teabags are actually the dust and fannings from broken tea leaves. When steeped, they release more tannins than whole leaf tea, resulting in a bitter astringent brew. When loose leaf tea is steeped without a tea bag it has the freedom and room to absorb the water and expand naturally when infused. This means water is free to flow through and amongst the leaves extracting all the good vitamins, minerals, flavours and beautiful aromas that loose leaf tea has to offer. The taste is quite very different from the traditional teabag. Loose leaf tea in a tea bag, may produce a different flavour to loose leaf tea when steeped without a tea bag.

When steeping loose leaf tea in a tea bag, its infusion is somewhat limited by the size of the teabag used. A teabag, especially a small size one, reduces the area in which the tea can fully expand, consequently reducing the full infusion effect of the tea in water making it a less flavoursome cup than if it was otherwise steeped without using the tea bag. Also we found nylon tea bags not only alters the taste of the tea but increases the time for steeping.

At Teabury, of course we love steeping loose leaf tea and enjoying the full flavour the tea has to offer. However we also understand we lead busy lives at times and having a cup of delicious loose leaf tea may not be possible. This is why we also steep loose leaf tea using the Teabury tea bag which is of a large size, made of biodegradable paper and is chlorine free. The Teabury tea bag being of a large size means the loose leaf tea is able to expand fully releasing its lovely and true flavour of the tea. Being made of filer paper that is chlorine free allows the tea to be steeped at a reasonable rate without tainting the flavour of the tea. Finally, being biodegradable means the tea bag is kinder to the environment.

You can buy the Teabury tea bag and our selection of loose leaf teas here. You may also want to get the Teabury teaspoon which measures just the right amount of loose leaf tea for that perfect cup of tea. For the Teabury teaspoon please select here.