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Tiny Bottles


Tiny Bottles are a cute little gift for any special occasion and can be used as tea favours.

For your unique gift it’s simple just,

Select your chosen tea and a message.

Add German Rock Sugar crystals for a natural sweetener if preferred.

Personalise your unique gift with the final decoration.

These ‘Tiny Bottles’ are packed with your choice of loose leaf tea and a selected message to personalise the small gift for any occasion. Each individual item is presented in a tiny corked glass bottle allowing you to see the gorgeous loose leaf tea. ‘Tiny Bottles’ are perfect for weddings, baby showers and birthday parties acting as unique tea favours. You can also add cute tiny corked bottles filled with our German Rock Sugar crystals made from beets to not overpower the taste of the tea.

For your unique ‘Tiny Bottle’ it’s simple, just select the type of loose leaf tea, select the message for the label, you have an option to select German Rock Sugar as a natural sweetener. Finally let us know if you would like the gift to be displayed in a white pillow box. Complete the order by sending us the quantity of Tiny Bottles you require. We will then do the rest.

For a customised request we will get in touch for more details. Please allow plenty of time for your order.

Size of loose leaf Tiny Bottle : 6.5cm L x 2.0cm W contains 1g tea enough to make one cup of tea. Remember being loose leaf tea, you can steep the leaves multiple times, it’s actually the third cup that’s the tastiest!

Size of German Rock Sugar Tiny Bottle : 4.0cm L x 2.0cm W contains 5g of sugar crystals, a natural sweetener.


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