Christmas Gifts

Make this Christmas a day to remember. The gifts at Teabury are specially chosen to make anyone feel special.

We all over eat from time to time and especially over Christmas. This always seems like a good idea at the time, but we are left feeling uncomfortable afterwards. To help with this full feeling why not try our Organic Settle a Full Tummy loose herbal tea. Organic Settle a Full Tummy loose tea is a blend of organic peppermint, organic fennel and organic marigold petals.

Too much partying over Christmas may make us restless and disrupt our sleep pattern. Just try our Organic Good Night! Sleep Tight! loose leaf herbal tea. This is a blend of organic chamomile, organic lavender, organic rose petals and organic lemon verbena. Drink this loose herbal tea before bed and you will sleep like a baby!

Why not include a Special Favour tiny glass bottle of Organic Relaxing Mint loose tea for your guests at the Christmas party. Relaxing Mint is a delicious drink for after dinner to relieve any discomfort felt after eating a large Christmas dinner. Just select Relaxing Mint loose leaf tea as part of the first option in Special Favours and let us know how many guests will be at your Christmas party. We will do the rest.