We have special gifts for every occasion. You can buy different types of Loose Tea Selection Boxes for a tea lover or just someone who is new to loose leaf tea. Choose from two different types of selection boxes. The 1-2-3 STEEPS™ Selection Box contains 3 different tea flavours plus the large size self-fill teabags which are unbleached, chlorine free and biodegradable. The Two Tea Selection Tea Box contains two different teas in one box.

For occasions where Special Favours are needed, we have gifts for tea bag favours or even tea wedding favours for your special day. For the Special Favours you just have to select the type of loose tea you would like. This will be presented in cute little glass corked bottles. You can also include the little corked bottles full of German Rock Sugar as a natural sweetener to use with the loose leaf tea. Select the label for your Special Favours and let us know the quantity required. We will then get in touch for the finer details to complete the order. For that added personal touch, you can select a pillow box to display your tiny bottles of loose tea and German Rock Sugar. A delightful gift to decorate any table setting on your special day.

For some special glassware why not choose the glass heart shaped cup which will delight anyone who receives it. Made from borosilicate glass it is heat resistant. When tea is added to the cup it is shaped as a heart. As we say at Teabury, happiness is tea in a cup.

For Fine Bone China Teaware you can make a choice from two Teabury uniquely designed teapot and mug sets. Alternatively, you can mix and match the sets to brighten up any tea time. Choose from the Teabury White Diamond Collection or the Teabury Black Diamond Collection.