Yunnan loose leaf teaOrganic Yunnan Tea. Black loose leaf tea.



Yunnan Loose Leaf Tea

Pronounced YOO-nawn
Origin: China

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Yunnan loose leaf tea, a lesser known black tea. Its leaves are a combination of tiny dark brown slightly twisted leaves with a few golden leaves running through it, giving it a true striking colour. The flavour is medium with a beautiful sweet end. The scent and taste is just gorgeous. Great to drink on a summer’s day or a sunny winter’s afternoon.

Pronounced YOO-nawn.

Black tea originated from province of Southern China.

Made with ingredients just as nature intended. NO artificial flavours added.
Great on its own or you can add milk and sugar to taste.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

How to serve

Boil kettle, add 2g (1tspn) to teapot or infuser, steep 2-4 mins or longer depending on strength you prefer, strain, enjoy.

Add milk and sugar to taste.


How to store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.


Why Teabury

Our very own unique blends

No artificial flavours added, just as nature intended

Hand blended in small batches, means you get quality tea each time

Sustainable packaging, because we care


Why use loose leaf tea?

Benefits of steeping loose leaf tea allows the water to circulate through the leaves freely producing a full flavoured tea.

Using self-fill teabags responsibly

There are benefits in using teabags, especially if you want to take your favourite loose leaf tea out with you during your day. Teabury has the answer and offers a large size self-fill teabag, which means the loose leaf is able to ‘dance’ freely in the hot water when steeped. Teabury self-fill teabags are paper, unbleached, chlorine free, biodegradable and easy to use. Just shop for Teabury Unbleached Self-fill Teabags here




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