Why choose loose leaf tea over tea bags?

Why choose loose leaf tea over tea bags?

Simply put, loose leaf tea and traditional tea bags are different in many ways. Tea leaves used in traditional teabags are actually the dust and fannings from broken tea leaves. When steeped, they release more tannins than whole leaf tea, resulting in a bitter astringent brew. When loose leaf tea is steeped without a tea bag it has the freedom and room to absorb the water and expand naturally when infused. This means water is free to flow through and amongst the leaves extracting all the good vitamins, minerals, flavours and beautiful aromas that loose leaf tea has to offer. The taste is quite very different from the traditional teabag. Loose leaf tea in a tea bag, may produce a different flavour to loose leaf tea when steeped without a tea bag.

When steeping loose leaf tea in a tea bag, its infusion is somewhat limited by the size of the teabag used. A teabag, especially a small size one, reduces the area in which the tea can fully expand, consequently reducing the full infusion effect of the tea in water making it a less flavoursome cup than if it was otherwise steeped without using the tea bag. Also we found nylon tea bags not only alters the taste of the tea but increases the time for steeping.

At Teabury, of course we love steeping loose leaf tea and enjoying the full flavour the tea has to offer. However we also understand we lead busy lives at times and having a cup of delicious loose leaf tea may not be possible. This is why we also steep loose leaf tea using the Teabury tea bag which is of a large size, made of biodegradable paper and is chlorine free. The Teabury tea bag being of a large size means the loose leaf tea is able to expand fully releasing its lovely and true flavour of the tea. Being made of filer paper that is chlorine free allows the tea to be steeped at a reasonable rate without tainting the flavour of the tea. Finally, being biodegradable means the tea bag is kinder to the environment.

You can buy the Teabury tea bag and our selection of loose leaf teas here. You may also want to get the Teabury teaspoon which measures just the right amount of loose leaf tea for that perfect cup of tea. For the Teabury teaspoon please select here.


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