Organic Loose Leaf Tea is healthy, just as nature intended

Organic Loose Leaf Tea is healthy, just as nature intended

There are many health benefits to loose leaf tea and as the famous saying goes ‘you are what you drink’ or is it ‘eat’?! Anyway, whatever goes in your body should be good and healthy, right?

Healthy     White tea is known as the ‘elixir of good health’ or ‘nature’s true gift’. It goes through less processes than black tea and green tea. It contains less caffeine than black tea.
Healthy     There are tons of anti-oxidants in tea; the molecules that slow down ageing, keep you looking fresh and feeling great.
Healthy     Tea is a great alternative to a calorie-free drink. All the gorgeous flavours are simply in the loose leaf tea and you         don’t need to add much to give it extra calories.
Healthy     Tea helps lift the mood, or can solve a tricky problem! Remember the last time you needed cheering up or faced a brick wall when solving a problem? How to solve it?  Firstly, we put the kettle on…! J
Healthy     A healthy option for children. Tisanes are caffeine free and comprise of 95% water. Natural sweeteners like ‘stevia’/or honey can be used for sweetness. This is a healthy and delicious alternative to fizzy drinks.
Healthy     All Teabury loose leaf teas and tisanes or herbal teas are made from Certified Organic ingredients without any artificial flavourings. All ingredients are naturally sourced, just as nature intended. If oil is present then this is because we found no organic natural alternative to bring you the full taste of the tea you desire and we will make this very clear on the tea.

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Why we like to drink tea?

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